Bar Food and Upstairs Restaurant

Delicious meals

There’s nothing like traditional food cooked to perfection and laid back surroundings to savour it in. At our upstairs restaurant, we’re proud to offer you a wide range of dishes expertly cooked by our skilled chefs so you enjoy every mouthful.

Accessible venue

If you’re looking for somewhere that can accommodate your whole party, we have wheelchair ramps, disabled toilets and lift access for ease of entry. We also welcome children until 9:00pm.

A generous selection of beer

If you like sampling something that’s a little out of the ordinary, Ellie Mays is also proud to stock a huge selection of beers. We have everything from popular favorites to little known classics, so there’s something to suit every palate.

Free entertainment

              Soup of the Day

Served with homemade Guinness wheaten £4

 Cheesey Garlic Bread £3.50 (V)

 Atlantic Prawns

With Marie Rose sauce on mixed leaves and homemade Guinness wheaten £6

Ellie May’s Spicy Chicken Wings

Served with hot sauce £5.50

Breaded Mushrooms

Deep fried and served with a garlic dip £5.00 (v)

 BBQ Pork Ribs

Rack of ribs in BBQ sauce £5

Firecracker chicken

Crispy chicken fillet strips coated in our own chilli sauce ,served with chillies, garlic and garlic dip £5.50



Ellie May’s 7oz Homemade Burger

Salad, tobacco onions, mature cheddar and double cooked chips £10

Fresh Battered Scampi

Fresh battered wholetai prawn with peas/tartar sauce/double cooked chips £14

 Peppered  Chicken Fillet

Grilled chicken fillet served on mash with tobacco onions and pepper sauce £12

 Honey Glazed Irish Ham

Honey glazed ham and pineapple served with chips  £11


Please be aware that we have a full allergen advice menu, our staff can request meals to suit. Please make us aware on arrival of any allergies.






Hophouse 13 Battered Haddock

peas/tartar sauce/ chips £11

Salt and Chilli Chicken

Tossed in chillies and garlic with Asian salad and chips£12


Classic Steak and Guinness Croute

Prime local  beef with carrots in a rich Guinness gravy served in puff pastry with tobacco onions and champ £11

10 oz Sirloin Steak

 Button mushrooms and roast tomato /black pepper cream/ chips £18

 7 oz Mini Sirloin Steak

Button mushrooms and roast tomato/black pepper cream/ chips £15

Steak Chicken

7 oz sirloin with  chicken fillet , pepper sauce and onion rings /chips £19

Prawn Salad

Served with homemade Guinness wheaten £14

Chicken Chorizo Pasta

Served in a cream sauce with garlic bread £12

Mushroom Vegetable Stroganoff

Pan fried vegetables, flamed in brandy in a French mustard cream sauce. Served with garlic bread and a side of basmati rice £11 (v)

Chicken Goujons

Breaded chicken with a choice of garlic, barbeque or sweet chilli dip and a side of chips £10

Homemade Lasagne

Our own classic recipe served with coleslaw/garlic bread/double cooked chips £10

House Curry

Choose Chicken Or Vegetable (V) served with basmati rice and naan bread £12

Ellie Mays Chicken Pita

Served in bbq glaze with a choice of Dip and a side of chips £11


Homemade Chips

Creamed Potato


Garlic Chips

Seasonal Vegetables


Garlic Bread

Pepper Sauce

Red Wine Gravy

Garlic Butter



Side Salad


Onion Rings

Tobacco Onions







Crispy chicken Chilli wrap

Wrap with salad and chicken tenders, sweet chilli sauce, coleslaw, choice of side £8.95

Chilli beef Pita

Pan fried strips of beef served on pita bread with salad chips and garlic dip £10

Ploughmans lunch

Fresh ham, cheese served with salad wheaten and branston £8.95

Crispy chicken BBQ wrap

Wrap with salad and chicken tenders, bbq sauce, coleslaw, choice of side £8.95

Pork Chops

Served with mash potato ,tobacco onions and pepper sauce £10<strong>

Finger and buffet menu  No room charge upstairs for over 50 people.  We can also accommodate up to 40 people Downstairs


Finger Buffet No.1

Sandwiches, sausage rolls ,chicken bites  and cocktail sausages.  £7

Finger Buffet No. 2

Mini burgers , Mini hot dogs, Skinny   fries, Cocktail sausages

Focaccia Pizza slices (various) £9.


Finger Buffet No. 3

Mini burgers , Mini hot dogs, Skinny   fries, Cocktail sausages

Focaccia Pizza slices (various)  ..

wraps Cajun chicken,  coronation chicken, tuna, Smoky ribs £11


Evening Buffet  No  4

Choose 2 of following meats. consult for any other meat requirements

Beef Strogonoff

Beef curry

Beef lasagne

Sweet chilli beef

Beef and Guinness

Chilli chicken

Chicken curry

Chicken , bacon mushroom cream sce

Mexican chicken

Garlic cream chicken

Lamb madras

Lamb korma

Served with various salads, homemade chips, rice , garlic & cheese breads.   £14

We can discuss bespoke buffets, functions and

variations according to individual bookings.




Add dessert  for £4